Education Needed to Create a Mini Golf Course

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A golf course can be one of the best establishments that you can manage or organize, as it is often guaranteed that you will have thousands of customers or players utilizing your facilities each month. However, a golf course can be pretty large in size, and most of us don’t have the … Read more

Most Unique Golf Courses in the US

Pebble Beach Golf Links in California

There are more than 9000 golf courses in the United States, so you wouldn’t really run out of courses or golf clubs to visit in the country. So, if you plan for a fun day golfing with friends or family members, there are already so many golf courses to choose from. However, … Read more

Which Golf Courses Are Most Played in Japan?

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There is a common misconception among people that golf is only popular in North America and Europe, but what many people don’t know is that there are already up-and-coming players that have originated from other regions of the world. So, golfing is now a popular sport globally, and you will see dozens … Read more

Which Countries are the Top Golfing Nations?

a golfer taking a tee shot to begin a round of golf.

The elite world of golfing has spread all across the globe and gained immense popularity in the last few decades. It may not be as thrilling as football or as action-packed as basketball, but the upper-class sport had a unique sense of fun to it. It attracts more and more players through … Read more

The Most Unique Golf Courses in the World

scenic golf course in France

If you’ve ever swung a sand wedge because of anger, then you probably attest that golf is one of the most frustrating sports in the world. Aside from all the slices, hooks, and shanks, there’s always one shot in a round that keeps you coming back for more golf. Not only that … Read more

What Type of Grasses Can be Found on a Golf Course?

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Why is it essential to identify the grasses in a golf course? Well, it is because the type of grass used in a golf course, as well as in Putting greens, can significantly affect the outcome of a golf game. Also, these grasses can influence the way golfer would interact with the … Read more

Top Golf Courses in Canada

Logo of St. George’s Golf and Country Club

The significance of golf in western countries has led to the creation of more golf courses in the region. Besides the United States, many other countries are known to be an enthusiast of golf, showcasing their country’s rich history through their beautiful golf courses. One western country that built its reputation as … Read more

Top Golf Courses in Australia

Photo of New South Wales Golf Club

Golf courses are works of art created by brilliant golf course architects. These vast fields showcase distinctive features, which usually give an interesting meaning from its history. Each course is unique in style, giving golf players several options to choose where to play. Out of the thousands of golf courses worldwide, there … Read more

Top Golf Courses in Japan

View of the clubhouse from the course

The land of the rising sun, also known as Japan, has its share of magnificent golf courses worldwide. We think of golf, the first thing that could come to mind is its relevance in western countries, especially in the United States. However, Japan is known to be a fan of golf, showcasing … Read more

Top Golf Courses in Africa

Leopard Creek Country Club

Golf is indeed a popular sport in the United States and so does in other countries. The significance of golf grew over the years, and many people become fond of playing this incredible ball game. It became widespread in America, Europe, Asia, as well as Africa; in Africa alone, there are already … Read more