The Importance Of Healthy Feet While Playing Golf

a person trying to hit the golf ball.

Playing golf requires skills, endurance and most importantly healthy feet. It can be time-consuming, as golfers cover long distances and make numerous swings in a round. Despite putting in significant effort to perfect their swing, golfers may overlook the importance of foot health. Unhealthy feet can affect a golfer’s performance and may … Read more

The Best Golf Training Tips

The Best Golf Training Tips

Great you have spent a lot of time using a putting mirror to practice and play with other groups of golfers as well. During your play, you get loads of golf training tips, right? Maybe you have heard them all from changing your grip, keeping that head down, and adjusting your stance. … Read more

How to Make a Mini Golf Course at Home


Since its invention in Scotland in the 15th century, golf has crawled its way to popularity, with now over 25 million players and 40,000 stunning golf courses worldwide. No wonder, as the sport provides a distinct sense of fun and an array of benefits to anyone who plays the game. But did … Read more

Golfing for Beginners: Learning the Basics

Golfing for Beginners Learning the Basics

Golf is a great game to play. With millions of golfers around the globe, you might have encountered someone who truly loves and enjoys the sport. However, like with any new activity, playing it for the first time can be intimidating. Not to mention that golf is also known to embrace beginners … Read more