The Best Golf Training Tips

The Best Golf Training Tips

Great you have spent a lot of time using a putting mirror to practice and play with other groups of golfers as well. During your play, you get loads of golf training tips, right? Maybe you have heard them all from changing your grip, keeping that head down, and adjusting your stance. … Read more

The Benefits of Having a Home Golf Simulator

On-screen golf simulator connected via a projector.

Golf is often considered the sport of the elite. That is true to an extent because golf isn’t played usually and those who do play it have to spend a hefty sum of money to get memberships for golf clubs as well as the equipment. However, there are various ways in which … Read more

Tips For Enjoying Tea While Golfing

In the middle of a golf game

People who play sports, either professionally or amateur, generally drink energy drinks or sports drinks to keep themselves hydrated and energized. But drinking tea while playing sports, like golf, is a first for many. Whenever one thinks of the word “Tea,” they immediately think of something hot, something one drinks for relaxation. … Read more

The Benefits of Juicing for Golfers

Man playing golf

We can all agree that juicing is undoubtedly healthy for most of us. That is also why people have adapted juicing to their diet, mainly because of the nutrients and vitamins they can get from every glass. Though it should not be considered a replacement for physical fruits and vegetables, it’s still … Read more

Tips For Looking Great On The Golf Course

Man and woman walking on the golf course

Golf is a game steeped in tradition. It comes with a certain dress code and attire that golf courses around the world expect. It does not mean that you cannot have fun playing golf. Some golf courses are more relaxed and allow you to wear a t-shirt and shorts. On the other … Read more

Who are the World’s Youngest Golfers?

purple and white golf shoes, white golf ball, silver golf club

Golf is a sport ideal for all ages. There is a fair share of excellent adult golf players and young players who excel in the sport at a very young age. It is not surprising that these talented young golfers already achieved many medals and awards that would guarantee that they are … Read more

Benefits of Playing Golf

green grass, man swinging a golf club, golf ball flying across the course

Golf is a well-known sport worldwide. Many people engage in this sports as it also gives many benefits for the human body, besides being a fun activity. It provides a mental challenge while nurturing one’s physical aspect.  People of varying ages can play this sport. The estimated age of golfers ranges from … Read more

How To Safely Carry Your Golf Clubs In Your Car

Golf Clubs Inside The Bag

Golf clubs are relatively hard to bring because of their shape, so we have to be careful about taking them with us. Hiding our golf clubs in the trunk of our car is one of the convenient and easiest ways to keep it safe. Unfortunately, we need to make sure the clubs … Read more

Which Countries are the Top Golfing Nations?

a golfer taking a tee shot to begin a round of golf.

The elite world of golfing has spread all across the globe and gained immense popularity in the last few decades. It may not be as thrilling as football or as action-packed as basketball, but the upper-class sport had a unique sense of fun to it. It attracts more and more players through … Read more