Education Needed to Create a Mini Golf Course

mini golf course

A golf course can be one of the best establishments that you can manage or organize, as it is often guaranteed that you will have thousands of customers or players utilizing your facilities each month. However, a golf course can be pretty large in size, and most of us don’t have the … Read more

Most Unique Golf Courses in the US

Pebble Beach Golf Links in California

There are more than 9000 golf courses in the United States, so you wouldn’t really run out of courses or golf clubs to visit in the country. So, if you plan for a fun day golfing with friends or family members, there are already so many golf courses to choose from. However, … Read more

Which Golf Courses Are Most Played in Japan?

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There is a common misconception among people that golf is only popular in North America and Europe, but what many people don’t know is that there are already up-and-coming players that have originated from other regions of the world. So, golfing is now a popular sport globally, and you will see dozens … Read more

Golfers Say These Are the Best Beers for Golf

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If you ask many sports fans what they think is the most relaxing and fun sport to play today, a lot of them would answer that it is golf. In a regular game of golf, you can truly have fun playing with friends and talking to them during the game. Of course, … Read more

How Many Years Is a PGA Career?

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Golf is highly regarded as one of the most popular sports in the world, so it is no surprise that there are already hundreds of players playing golf in recent years. Gone are the days when the said sport was dominated by big names that have won many trophies, as golf would … Read more

The Best Golf Training Tips

The Best Golf Training Tips

Great you have spent a lot of time using a putting mirror to practice and play with other groups of golfers as well. During your play, you get loads of golf training tips, right? Maybe you have heard them all from changing your grip, keeping that head down, and adjusting your stance. … Read more

The Benefits of Having a Home Golf Simulator

On-screen golf simulator connected via a projector.

Golf is often considered the sport of the elite. That is true to an extent because golf isn’t played usually and those who do play it have to spend a hefty sum of money to get memberships for golf clubs as well as the equipment. However, there are various ways in which … Read more

Tips For Enjoying Tea While Golfing

In the middle of a golf game

People who play sports, either professionally or amateur, generally drink energy drinks or sports drinks to keep themselves hydrated and energized. But drinking tea while playing sports, like golf, is a first for many. Whenever one thinks of the word “Tea,” they immediately think of something hot, something one drinks for relaxation. … Read more

The Benefits of Juicing for Golfers

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We can all agree that juicing is undoubtedly healthy for most of us. That is also why people have adapted juicing to their diet, mainly because of the nutrients and vitamins they can get from every glass. Though it should not be considered a replacement for physical fruits and vegetables, it’s still … Read more

Tips For Looking Great On The Golf Course

Man and woman walking on the golf course

Golf is a game steeped in tradition. It comes with a certain dress code and attire that golf courses around the world expect. It does not mean that you cannot have fun playing golf. Some golf courses are more relaxed and allow you to wear a t-shirt and shorts. On the other … Read more